Cary's medians are losing trees at an un-alarming rate.

Below is a stretch of Cary Parkway from Old Apex Road to Lake Pine Drive. In 2007 there were 108 trees growing in the median. In 2017 there were 58. The rest had died because they were improperly planted in the first place, and were incorrectly nurtured throughout their human-shortened lives.

It gets worse – In 2018 a landscaper identified 11 more trees that were in advanced stages of distress because of their maltreatment, and that had to be taken down. Watch the video below to spot the orange tape around the doomed trees! In 14 years, 61 trees have been killed, and the tree population of this one-mile stretch of the median has declined 57%.

In order to begin the process of beautifying all the boulevards in this wonderful Town, the administration should work with the Homeowners Associations that plant and maintain them. This maturing boulevard pictured below [I think in Kansas City], well on its way to creating tree tunnels in each direction, combats some of the problems that exist in Cary's roadways: excessive stormwater runoff, un-calmed drivers tailgating and weaving madly to get to the next red light, and a general impression that the Town is second-rate and doesn't care about its appearance.