Below is a Google Maps image of a gas station that once stood at the southwest corner of SW Maynard Road and W Chatham Street. The image was taken in October of 2007.

Some time between April of 2015 and March, 2016, the station was abandoned and demolished. It has been advertised as "available" since that time, but has had no tenants. The image below was taken in September, 2018.

I propose that the Town acquire the property and build a greenhouse on it for the use of the community.

As our motor vehicle fleet transitions from gasoline to electricity, more existing gas stations will become unnecessary. The land on which they sat, rather than sit unused for years [as does the one pictured above], could be used for more community greenhouses.

Indeed, the Town's recent [and beautifully produced] video series hosted on Vimeo suggests that Town citizens plant native flowers, bushes, and trees to combat stormwater runoff, to lessen streambed erosion, and to absorb some of the water in a heavy rainfall to reduce flooding.

Many native plants appropriate for those purposes are expensive, and some are not available in Cary. The legion of Cary citizens who enjoy volunteering on environmentally-important projects could use the greenhouses to raise those plants from seed, thus advancing the Town's goal while at the same time enjoying the company of their neighbors in critical work.