Cary citizens Geraldine and George McDowell
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I'm 72 years old, the product of a mixed marriage – my mother was a Yankee from Pottsville, Pennsylvania and my father was born in Shelby, North Carolina. I was born and raised in Baltimore. I've lived in North Carolina twice, once when stationed at Ft. Bragg in the 82nd Airborne Division, and in retirement, first in Calabash for three years and, for the last 15 years, in beautiful Cary. I've lived in 13 U. S. states and two foreign countries.

I've enjoyed two careers, first as an Army paratrooper and helicopter pilot and later as a lawyer. In spare time I've co-translated into English an ancient Greek mathematical manuscript titled Δεδομενα [The Data of Euclid Translated From the Text of Menge], authored by Euclid, the "Father of Geometry," and self-published it. The book has become the standard text used by historians of science whose first language is English who study the origins of mathematics and the works of Ptolemy, Apollonius of Perga, and Archimedes.

I collected, edited, and annotated the texts that formed The Autobiography of Mathew Carey [a sixth great-grandfather], and published it as a Kindle Book.

I've also written and performed a one-person-play titled An Evening with Ben Hogan. The play, although painstakingly well-researched and written, wasn't acted very well, but the experience in the world of theater was fascinating.

I've worked, at various times in my life, as a surveyor; laborer; labor contractor; blackjack, craps, roulette and baccarat dealer and casino executive in Las Vegas downtown and Strip casinos; editor; publisher; steelworker; civilian commercial fixed-wing and helicopter pilot; radio commentator; shrimp fisherman; and as a part-time golf-course marshal, starter, and pro-shop clerk.

The Bazooka, named by General Eisenhower as one of the "Tools of Victory" that won World War II for the Allies.

In addition to primary aviation duties in the Army, I have served as a pistol and assault-rifle instructor, and taught infantry soldiers to use the T.O.W. missile launcher [what was – 45 years ago – the modern version of the venerable Bazooka]. I also had a minor role in developing the Army's course of instruction in using instrument-flight navigation in low-visibility weather in field operations without radar and air traffic control. During my two tours on the DMZ in Korea, I was one of three pilots authorized by the Pentagon to carry nuclear weapons in single-engine aircraft.

I've been licensed to practice law since 1986 in the state of Maryland, in United States District Courts, and in the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit [which includes the Eastern, Middle, and Western Districts of North Carolina], and the United States Supreme Court. Please see my full résumé here.

In retirement, I learned to develop websites, and have built and currently manage the sites of a dear friend's sports and travel blog (in Maryland), Cary's VFW Post 7383, Cary American Legion Post 67, the site for the Morrisville Veterans Memorial Foundation, and am trying my damndest to get the Town of Cary to accept the unfettered and unrestricted donation of the site that would replace Wake County's Capital Trees Program site that went down in 2011 because its funding was cut off.

George Lewis McDowell Jr.
2220 West Marilyn Circle
Cary, North Carolina 27513-5311

Personal information

  • Place of birth: Baltimore, Maryland
  • Date of birth: August 4, 1949
  • Marital status: Married Geraldine Anne Edgell on June 12, 1981
  • Residence: Town of Cary since 2007
  • Religion: Lutheran
  • Political party: Democrat [formerly Unaffiliated and former Republican]
  • Political experience: Stood for election in Maryland as delegate to the 1972 Republican National Convention. Lost: finished fourth of ten candidates. The top three vote-getters were seated at the convention. Lost: 2017 election for the Cary Town Council At-Large seat by a large margin to the incumbent, Ed Yerha.



  • Cary School of Government
    Town of Cary, North Carolina


  • Wake Technical Community College
    Raleigh, North Carolina
    Degree: None [non-credit class studying the Linux computer operating system.]


  • Catonsville Community College
    Baltimore County, Maryland
    Degree: None [three-credit class studying the German language.]


  • University of Maryland School of Law
    Baltimore, Maryland
    Degree: Juris Doctor


  • St. John’s College
    Annapolis, Maryland
    Degree: None [accepted into law school after junior year.]


  • Central Texas College
    Killeen, Texas
    Degree: None [studied advanced aerodynamics as a military aviator.]


  • University of Nevada Las Vegas
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    Degree: None


  • Antioch College
    Don't remember — [it was the 60's.]

Additional training


  • Fort Hood Flying Club
    Fort Hood, Texas
    -Fixed-wing aircraft transition; FAA commercial-pilot and instrument-rating certification.


  • United States Army Aviation Center
    Fort Rucker, Alabama
    -Helicopter pilot qualification.
  • U. S. Army Standard Installation/Division Personnel Reporting Systems Training Course
    Fort Bragg, North Carolina
    -Computer data-processing training.


  • U. S. Army Airborne Training Center
    Fort Benning, Georgia
    -Paratrooper qualification.


  • Community College of Baltimore County
    Catonsville, Maryland
    -Real Estate Sales License course.

Military Service


  • U. S. Army Reserve
    Ft. Meade, Maryland
    - Helicopter pilot.


  • U. S. Army, III Corps and Fort Hood Flight Detachment
    Killeen, Texas
    - Transported military and civilian personnel and military equipment. Served as unit combat-tactics flight instructor and instrument-flight-rules instructor.


  • U. S. Army, United Nations Far East Command
    Republic of Korea
    - Served as Demilitarized Zone flight administrator with responsibility of certifying United Nations pilots with low-level (10,000 feet and below) flight requirements for navigational proficiency in missions near the politically sensitive North Korean border. Flew border-patrol missions, radar-site resupply missions, and troop insertion/extraction flights.


  • U. S. Army, 82nd Airborne Division
    Fort Bragg, North Carolina
    - Served as a paratrooper [17 jumps; two from jet aircraft] with specialty in NATO automatic weapons.

Military awards and decorations

  • 1980 – Overseas Service Ribbon
  • 1980 – Flight Safety Award (for 1,000 accident- and incident-free flight hours)
  • 1979 – Expression of Special Trust and Confidence from President Jimmy Carter
  • 1979 – Army Commendation Medal with Bronze Oak-Leaf Cluster
  • 1979 – Korea Defense Service Medal
  • 1977 – Army Aviator’s Wings
  • 1977 – Army Commendation Medal
  • 1976 – Parachute Badge
  • 1976 – M-16 Sharpshooter’s Badge
  • 1976 – Good Conduct Medal



  • The Pearl Golf Links
    Calabash, North Carolina
    - Starter, marshal, and pro-shop clerk (part-time).


  • The Bait Box
    Sanibel Island, Florida
    - Shrimp fisherman and store clerk (part-time).


  • Mt. Pleasant Golf Course
    Baltimore, Maryland
    - Starter (part-time).


  • Attorney in private practice
    Baltimore, Maryland
    - Maintained a solo practice of civil and criminal cases.


  • Board of License Commissioners for Baltimore City
    Baltimore, Maryland
    - Legal counsel to the Board of License Commissioners.


  • Law Firm of John S. Denholm
    Baltimore, Maryland
    - Staff attorney.


  • Office of the Public Defender of Maryland
    Annapolis, Maryland
    - Staff attorney.


  • Dance Brothers Construction Company, Inc.
    Baltimore, Maryland
    - Laborer and concrete finisher (summer job).


  • Big Wheel Casino
    Las Vegas, Nevada
    - Worked in all phases of casino operation, including the licensing procedure prior to opening. Supervised slot-machine department and casino cashiers; counted daily receipts; and substituted as craps, roulette, and blackjack dealer when needed.


  • Las Vegas, Nevada
    - Worked in Downtown and Strip casinos, including the Stardust Hotel as a collector and counter of daily gaming-table and slot-machine receipts, and as a blackjack, craps, roulette, and baccarat dealer at the Four Queens, the Horseshoe, the Riviera, the Sands, the MGM Grand, and Caesars Palace.


  • Barker & Company Real Estate Brokerage
    Baltimore, Maryland
    - Listed and sold residential real estate.


  • Maryland State Highway Administration
    Baltimore County, Maryland
    - Surveyor.


  • Bethlehem Steel Corporation
    Sparrows Point, Maryland
    - Tested the quality of tin-plating applied to cold-rolled steel.

Aircraft flown

Rotorcraft/Helicopter Fixed Wing
Hughes 300 Aeronca Champ Grumman Cheetah
Bell Model 47 Aeronca Chief Grumman Tiger
Bell Model 205 (Scout) Beechcraft Queen Air Luscombe Silvaire
Bell Model 206 (Huey) Bellanca Citabria Piper Archer
Bell Model AH-1 (Cobra) Cessna 150 & 152 Piper Arrow
Cessna 172 Piper Tomahawk
Commonwealth Sky Ranger Taylorcraft BC-12D


  • Commercial pilot: Rotorcraft – Helicopter; Instrument – Helicopter
  • Private Pilot: Airplane, single-engine, land
  • FAA: Class II medical certificate
  • FCC: Restricted radio-telephone operator

Flight time

  • total time: 1,165 hours
  • pilot in command: 886 hours
  • second officer: 279 hours
  • airplane: 182 hours
  • helicopter: 983 hours
  • jet-turbine aircraft: 903 hours
  • instrument flight: 106 hours
  • night flight: 188 hours
  • simulator practice: 86 hours

Foreign languages

  • Can translate written French, Spanish, Latin, and ancient Greek to English. Can converse simply in German.

Courts to which currently admitted

  • 1990 – Supreme Court of the United States
  • 1989 – United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit [the Eastern, Middle, and Western Districts of North Carolina are in the Fourth Circuit.]
  • 1988 – United States District Court for the District of Maryland
  • 1987 – Court of Appeals of Maryland

Books published

  • as author: McDowell, George L. and Merle A. Sokolik. The Data of Euclid Translated from the Text of Menge. Baltimore: Union Square Press; 1993. [Amazon.com]
  • as author: McDowell, George L. and William B. Johnson. A Brief History of the Mount Pleasant Park Golf Course. Baltimore: Union Square Press; pending.
  • as editor: Keating, Charles J. The Soldier Who Wasn’t. Baltimore: Union Square Press; 1996. [Amazon.com].
  • as author/editor: The Autobiography of Mathew Carey. Annotated edition. Baltimore: Union Square Press; 2003. [Kindle edition].

Music published

  • as producer: At the Edge of Porpoise Bay – the Music of Paul Miller. Union Square Music Corporation: Baltimore; 1996. [Amazon.com].

Arts and Letters

  • 2009-12: Edited and published The American Museum, an online literary magazine.
  • 2004-09: Researched, wrote, produced, directed, promoted, and performed a one-person play titled An Evening with Ben Hogan in country clubs and small theaters in Florida, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania.
  • 2001-04: Wrote and delivered [during golf seasons] on Baltimore AM radio station WNST, under the moniker “The Eccentric Starter,” a weekly four-minute humorous and serious monologue.

Memberships (active and inactive)

  • AARP
  • American Civil Liberties Union [card-carrying member]
  • American Forests
  • American Legion Post 67 (Cary)
  • Audubon Society
  • Baltimore Astronomical Society
  • Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States
  • Bar of the U. S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit
  • Carolina Tiger Rescue
  • Carolinas Golf Association
  • Cary Tree Archive (Founder)
  • Citizens' Climate Lobby
  • The Cub Club (Page Field, Ft. Myers, FL, civilian flying club)
  • Descendants of the Battle of Kings Mountain
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Environment North Carolina
  • Florida State Golf Association
  • Friends of Duke Gardens
  • Friends of Hemlock Bluffs
  • Friends of the Page-Walker Hotel
  • General Society of the War of 1812
  • German Society of Maryland
  • International Dark-Sky Association
  • International Society of Arboriculture
  • Keep the Canopy-Cary
  • Maryland Criminal Defense Attorneys Association
  • Maryland State Bar Association
  • Maryland State Golf Association
  • Mensa International
  • National Park Service [Lifetime Pass holder]
  • National Wildlife Federation
  • North American Sundial Society [charter member and former vice-president]
  • North Carolina League of Conservation Voters
  • North Carolina Museum of Art Foundation [North American Reciprocal Patron]
  • North Carolina Wildlife Federation
  • North Carolina Urban Forest Council
  • St. John’s College Alumni Association
  • Save-the-Redwoods League
  • Sierra Club Capital Group
  • Society of the War of 1812
  • Sons of the American Revolution
  • Sons of Confederate Veterans of the Civil War
  • Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
  • United States Army Aviation Museum [sustaining member]
  • United States Golf Association
  • United Steelworkers of America, locals 2609 & 2610 [lifetime member]
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars, Franklin-Sloan Post 7383 (Cary, NC)
  • Wake Audubon Society
  • WakeUP Wake County
  • 82nd Airborne Division Alumni Association